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Miller & Wilson's Theater of Marvels and
Ring 362 of the International Brotherhood of Magicians
The Perilous Garden
May 29, 2006

Performance 1
Performance 2

Rehearsal for The Perilous Garden

For The Perilous Garden, Dr. Wilson planned a performance in which his assistants would lay a course of bone-crushing animal traps. After studying the course to commit it to memory, he would walk the course barefoot, wearing a blindfold of stainless steel. This page shows photographs taken during some of the rehearsals that took place in the months prior to the performance.

Perilous Garden

In early rehearsals, Dr. Wilson practiced navigating the course blindfolded with flags representing the traps. This provided a safe way to practive for many hours to master spatial memory and visualization.

Perilous Garden   Animal Trap

In later rehearsals, Dr. Wilson walked among traps that had not been set, still wearing shoes, to approach to the final experience gradually. In the photo on the right, one of the traps is shown while set.

Blindfolded   Animal Trap

In the final rehearsal, Dr. Wilson walked the course blindfolded and barefoot with the traps set. Except for the final costume and the setting, this rehearsal was the same as the performance.

Special thanks to:
Harley Newman   Training & Advice
Professor Miller   Assistant & Publicity
Randy Von Smith   Trapmaster
Aubrey Smith   Safety
Dayton Salisbury   Morale
Bar Harbor Times   Press coverage
Mount Desert Islander   Press coverage
Meri Fox-Szauter   Unconditional acceptance