Theater of Marvels

Miller & Wilson's Theater of Marvels and
Ring 362 of the International Brotherhood of Magicians
The Perilous Garden
May 29, 2006

Performance 1
Performance 2

The Perilous Garden
Photos by W. Dayton Salisbury of Ring 362 of the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

Aubrey Smith Randy Von Smith Sue McClatchy
Aubrey Smith displays a trap while Professor Miller looks on. Randy Von Smith applies 100 pounds of pressure to set a trap. Sue McClatchy (Sign Girl) and Meri Fox-Szauter (Unconditional Acceptance) discuss the folly of men.

Dr. Wilson All-Star Magical Revue
Dr. Wilson reflects on the bittersweet impermanence of beauty while adding flowers to The Perilous Garden. A fan considers the All-Star Magical Revue as Dr. Wilson addresses the crowd.

Perilous Garden Professor Miller animal trap
Dr. Wilson begins the walk while Professor Miller stands by. Man down! Dr. Wilson recovers as Professor Miller offers aid. Dr. Wilson finishes the walk with an animal trap clamped on a pantleg.

Special thanks to:
Harley Newman   Training & Advice
Professor Miller   Assistant & Publicity
Randy Von Smith   Trapmaster
Aubrey Smith   Safety
Dayton Salisbury   Morale
Bar Harbor Times   Press coverage
Mount Desert Islander   Press coverage
Meri Fox-Szauter   Unconditional acceptance